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Home Run Partner App

Product Design, Service Design, UI Design, UX Design

Home Run (formerly Convibo) is a 1-hour grocery delivery service in London. Choosing their groceries from UK's best supermarkets, customers can get them delivered in 1 hour. 

For this to happen, our partner shoppers and drivers collect and deliver the groceries respectively at a high pace. Before this major redesign, Home Run shoppers and drivers were only able to see their tasks in a classic calendar-like view, which was quite overwhelming. 

To succeed in bringing a completely overhauled product to our partners, I relied on the double diamond design process, which enabled me to get into the shoes of our partners and deliver an effective design.

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Home Run Shopping Process - Partner App - June 2018

Video: The shopping process and how Home Run shoppers use the Partner App. (June 21, 2018)

Well, since we started the redesign, some features were added and other were removed - design never ends, after all.

For instance, at 3:00 you can see why we decided, post-release, to add sound and haptics for items scanning to help shoppers confidently shop items without relying solely on GUI feedback.

At 6:15 Home Run’s Head of Operations, Dom Hill, talks about some operational KPIs, such as UPH (Units Per Hour) and OTP (On-Tine Performance), that we were able to significantly improve by redesigning our Partner App.