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Dark Patterns (2/5, Tuesday)


To showcase that Dark Patterns go beyond graphical user interfaces and online experiences, I've decided to continue my posts with the recent "fake ring tones" case:

T-Mobile USA has recently agreed to pay a $40 million fine for using fake ring tones and lying to millions of users. The company used fake ring tone noises that created the appearance that the calls were going through –while, in fact, they were not– and no one was picking up.

Here’s how it worked:

"Whenever a phone couldn’t establish a connection with another phone, instead of remaining silent, the calling tone would start ringing in the caller’s ear. Logically, the person placing the call believes that the phone on the other side is actually ringing but nobody is picking up. Of course, the fact is that their call is not going through at all, and T-Mobile is using a fake ringtone to make it seem like it is." [1]


So, yes, "if there’s a pantheon for #darkpatterns, T-Mobile has earned a spot on it for that dreadful example of deceptive user experience" as Jesus Diaz points out in his recent article [2] on Co.Design - Fast Company Showcase Page.


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