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Dark Patterns (5/5)

Well, I was about to post my last piece about #DarkPatterns on Friday (an analysis of Messenger's sign in), but then a friend showed me what COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A. did with its new data protection preferences. 

Thus, I decided to post a video of how Cosmote attempts to trick users into giving full consent for the use of their personal data. 

P.S. The user interface, the content, and the flow have too many non-GDPR-compliant patterns, such as soft opt-in tactics. 

#darkpatterns #kingsofdeception #gdpr 

* I’ve decided to dedicate my last few posts to “Dark Patterns”. Dark Patterns are carefully crafted features/tactics that trick users into doing things that they might not want to do, and which benefit the business in question.

#ux #userexperience #cx #customerexperience

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