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Dark Patterns (1/5, Monday)

I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s posts to “Dark Patterns”.

The term “Dark Patterns” is coined by Harry Brignull and refers to carefully crafted features/tactics that trick users into doing things that they might not want to do, and which benefit the business in question.

Dark Patterns can, of course, have serious implications for people and society. In fact, Flavio Lamenza argues in his article “Stop calling these Dark Design Patterns or Dark UX — these are simply a**hole designs” that “this all -the Dark Patterns that we encounter every day- is not bad user experience design, not psychology, not "dark patterns". This is being dishonest, deceitful, corrupt, and unethical tactics.”

Over the next few days, I will share examples of what NOT TO DO if you are a responsible organization which has its customers’ best interests at heart.

I would be truly thrilled to see more professionals posting one or more examples using #darkpatterns in an effort to raise awareness about this important issue.

Let's start the week with a video from, which includes various examples.

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